We value the allocation of money every as well as equity.
Every US$1 plays an important role

The donation process is very simple and straightforward.
We handle the donation transparently while also ensuring the children are well taken care of.
The website also allows you to see how the money you donated is allocated.

How is US$1 utilised?

A donation of US$1 means a lot to us.
We support and encourage monthly 1 dollar donations because every dollar counts.
Even a single dollar will help to provide a smoother education for children in the long run.
Every underprivileged children will benefit from every single US$1 allocation
With a transparent single USD donation, you can help brighten a child's life.

Top-up process and members' rights

Why top-up with PayPal?

The sponsorship of children’s education is based on a US$1 donation per child. The minimum top-up amount is US$20 in order to save the transfer fees which could be higher than the donation amount. After you top-up, you can choose which child you want to sponsor and US$1 will be deducted from your account.

The immense power of your US $ 1 donation

Every single US$1 is crucial to the underprivileged children’s education. With the attendance record on the website, a deduction of one day’s stipend is executed with every absence. While this appears to be a penalty, in fact this is an assurance that the children will receive proper education.

Why should you trust Starving No More?

1:We change parents’ mindset to be supportive of their children attending school.
2:If children are absent persistently, teachers and social workers will preform home visits and help to solve family issues.
3:We monitor the attendance record of every child on the website to actualize education of every underprivileged child.
4:Schools are able to connect with the world and seek resources to improve teaching via internet.

We value the allocation of money and equity.

【 Our Resource Allocation Plan】

A:65% is used for improving children’s schooling and living conditions.
B:20% is used for improving schools' computer facilities and for showing concern to the underprivileged children.
C:10% is used for administrative costs for local staff and for project planning and execution.
D:5% is allocated towards keeping website up and running.

【Monitor and express concern together】

1:Monitor the utilization and allocation of donation.
2:Express concern if children go to school everyday. With everyone’s concern, the chance of children becoming involved with child labor or being trafficked will be reduced.
3:Leaving a message on a child's webpage will give him or her an opportunity to learn how to use a computer and to understand foreign culture.
4:Share stories of children and invite relatives and friends to show their solicitude together. Let the power of love be spread to every corner of the world

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